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Support Skin Elasticity †
Promotes Skin Density †
Enhances Skin Hydration †
Delivers Skin Nutrients & Antioxidants †


Main Ingredient List



Gives your skin a boost of hydration
Increases firmness and gives a supple appearance
Revitalize your skin with fewer wrinkles and more moisture

DracoBell™ Nu
DracoBelle™ Nu activates the anti-aging and longevity intrinsic pathway of AMPK/ FOXO, which is known to directly support the build-up of extracellular matrix. It increases the amount of collagen in the skin and leads to a youthful looking with dense and elastic skin.

Verbascoside has shown to decrease the pro-inflammatory chemokine IL-8 expression to exert anti-inflammatory activity on skin cells.

Verbascoside exerts a remarkable anti-oxidative property by scavenging the free-radical species that are implicated in oxidative stress in human skin aging.

Shields skin from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays and keeps the skin radiant

Acts as the “glue” that holds together our amino acid chains – aka the building blocks of all skin tissue

Boesenbergia Pandurata Extract
Promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and gloss while reducing wrinkles

Hydrangea Serrata Leaves Extract
Improvement in skin wrinkles, hydration, elasticity, texture, and roughness, indicating its potential anti-photoaging benefits.




Take four (4) capsules per day. The benefits of supplementation with Skin-Health Plus are typically felt after 60+ days of continued use.