What is a Superset ?

A superset is achieved by performing 2 different exercises together in a row without stopping. They can be performed targeting the same body part or multiple together. I utilize them on single body parts only, to attach the muscle and stimulate growth. What it.

What it does ?

Performing supersets will flush more blood into the muscle being trained and yield a greater muscle pump. More Blood = More Nutrients. More Nutrients = Greater Growth. When I’m trainning I always take my 1 Up Nutrition BCAA’s to keep my muscles flushed full of vital nutrients to ensure muscle growth and recovery.

Why it works ?

Supersets recruit more muscle fibers. The first exercises helps to fatigue the target muscle and the second pushes past that. By pushing the muscle beyond failure, its forced to grow in order to handle the same stress put on it. You will notice overtime certain supersets will become easier, your endurance will improve, and you’ll see substantial muscle growth. My favorite superset would be x12-20 Reps of front squats supersetted with x25-30 reps on the leg press. I will perform 6-8 sets of these to target my Quads and absolutely blow them out! The pump is insane! You can see the amount of size I’ve put on my legs in the past year and that’s due to High Volume Supersets. In conclusion Supersets can be incorporated by anyone into there training. Every exercise I perform is going to be a superset. This style of training might seem advanced for the beginner in the gym but once mastered it can be one of the most effective tools to building new muscle mass and breaking plateaus.